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Elysium Awaits

Posted: May 11, 2014 in Uncategorized
Excerpt from Advice to Screaming Hayabusa pilots. Flight training and mental conditioning.
After clone death. Keep walking straight ahead and follow the signs to the clone vats. The red door on your left is the door into Elysium. A permanent warm glow emanates from its edges, brilliantly white and almost blinding. You can not enter here. Keep walking. You must not be drawn to this door, the door is always locked. Elysium awaits you, one day, but not yet. Only when you have achieved purity from many battles and lived by the highest level of Bushido may you earn the right to open the red door. Inside there are many dead Hayabusa and the warriors fly here in isolation, enjoying the afterlife in luxury and permanent warmth…
-Miura Bull
Crake has finally reached the end of his journey and it’s been a great ride. I would like to thank everyone whom I’ve had the pleasure of flying with, fight against and learn from during this time.
Fly smart. Fly dangerously. Fly it like you stole it.
Crake Gaterau