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In the beginning, New Eden felt close to infinite. I enjoyed the sense of freedom that long roams into the unknown would give me. But as time passed, lowsec started to feel a bit too cramped. I saw familiar faces wherever I went and everything felt too much of the same. I missed the exploring and discovering new places.

So not toom long ago I decided to leave lowsec, my home, and head out into the unknown. 0.0 space, more commonly known as Nullsec, was something I knew close to nothing about. I knew of the absence of gate and station guns, and the complete lack of CONCORD. So far it sounded like paradise. I had also heard of warp disruptor bubbles and seen quite a few videos of nullsec samurais splitting up gangs on gates. But I knew I was heading out into unknown territory and had no idea what to expect.

The plan was to do my first roam into nullsec in a Wolf. But I lacked the skills so figured I would wait with the roam until I had aquired them all. But patience isn’t one of my main characteristics. And a few beers later I had decided to take an Atron out instead. I needed to get away from faction warfare and lowsec and now was the time, Wolf or no Wolf. I jumped in to a clean clone and set up one of my favorite mwd fits and put a tech 2 afterburner in the trunk in case I came across something where I needed to be able to dictate range. Missing the genos in the clean clone I had to do some alterations to the fit, but I was happy with the end result.

Before undocking I had checked the ingame map for a good entry point leading in to Syndicate, a part of nullsec renowned for it’s pvp rich enviroment. Not long thereafter I was sitting on the gate that led to my entry system in nullsec, MHC-R3.

The Gate

The first thing that struck me was the quiet of 0.0 space. In lowsec, and especially in the faction warfare areas, there is always something going on. People talk smack in local, ships come and go and people fight or bravely run away from the plexes that are spread out in the solar systems. But in the first few systems I entered in nullsec, quiet ruled and no one said a word in local.

A few jumps further in to null I entered UO9-YG. An Imicus showed up on scan and I soon realized that he was at a missioning site somewhere and since I couldn’t probe him out, he was out of my reach. I decided to use the dark art of Jedi mind tricks and sent him a silent fleet invite. About five seconds later he joined me in fleet chat and sent me a friendly question.


I was already in warp and took down both his ship and pod.

I liked this place! I hoped everybody was this friendly and filled with goodies. I happily scooped up the loot and went to the nearest NPC station and dropped it off. The rest of the roam that night was uneventful in terms of fights, but exploring something new and unknown was more than enough to keep the trip interesting. I took a route down to the Outer Rings and found a station. A break and a cold beer was welcome.

Bar closed

The station denied me the right to dock up. I had left the NPC controlled part of null and was now on my own. I decided to head back to Syndicate and dock up for the night and continue in the morning.


The next morning I found a Taranis on scan in a system called 6-C249. I quickly switched out the mwd for an afterburner to be able to dictate range and make use of the Atron’s falloff bonus against the Taranis. Shortly after I found him by a gate and the fight was on. The Taranis engaged but once scrammed could do nothing but succumb to the onslaught of the Atron’s blasters. Even so the fight was a close one.

After the fight I took my battered Atron in to station for some repair work.

Best post Taranis

The next fight took place in EZA-FM a couple of hours later against an Unista in a double repped Incursus. I hate fighting those things and wonder how they manage to kill much at all to be honest. They just take a very long time to take down. Seeing he had no web and couldn’t match the Atron’s falloff, all he could do was to drag out the fight for as long as possible. It took about eight minutes before he finally ran out of cap boosters and exploded outside the station.

Later that evening I suffered my first loss. I found a quite young pilot in a Corax that seemed inexperienced enough in space battal for me to have a chance. I charged him like a raging bull and died shortly thereafter.

Later that same day I found a Malediction close to a gate and decided to take the risk of an incoming gang to take him out. As soon as I engaged I saw the spike in local and knew that my fate was most probably sealed. As the gang landed and started applying damage I approached the Malediction to lay as much DPS I possibly could before exploding. In the end his ship exploded seconds before my own did. A fair trade and a good fight.

Those few days spent in Null were great and a welcome break from the sometimes frustrating and noisy life in lowsec. It showed me that there is so much more to New Eden than the little place I’ve made my home.


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