Snakes on a Rifter

Posted: October 5, 2013 in Uncategorized

Not long ago I had a fight with a quite experienced pilot. After the fight I said ‘gf’ in local as is customary but got no reply. Not something unusual but for some reason I started wondering why he didn’t return the ‘gf’. In the end I wrote him a message where I suggested he contact me if he was interested in discussing the fight that he had just lost. I soon got a reply.

Not sure what there is to discuss.  You have either snakes or links and thus your plated rifter was faster than me.  Couldn’t pull range so you won.  Pretty straghtforward really.

Now, I didn’t use Snakes nor did I use links. As usual I was in a rusty Rifter with implants worth a total of about 60 million in my head. But the message got me thinking about a question that has interested me quite a lot since I started playing Eve. As I see it, the answer to the question of wether to use pirate implants, links and drugs is an arbitrary one. These enhancements are all part of the game and as such I see nothing inherently wrong in using them. But wether we use them or not will have an effect on our game and how other players interact with us. When I first started PvP’ing I remember how more experienced players used to warn me about certain pilots that used links or certain pirate implants. In a way telling me to be wary of fighting them. At the same time some of the pilots that were warning me about players who used links and expensive implants, used drugs themselves to enhance their combat performance.

As I got more experienced I also started using drugs in combat but never considered using links and expensive implants. But I still had a hard time pinpointing the reason as to why one enhancement was considered more valid than others by some, me included. I already knew that the answer was an arbitrary one and changed depending on who you would ask. Some considered links to be the work of the devil and as close to cheating as one could come withing the confinements of the actual game mechanics, others thought they were valid when fighting against staggering odds while some thought they were as valid a tactic as anything else.

In the end I managed to formulate an idea about combat enhancements that I felt explained why I take the stance I do today. As of now I don’t use any drugs in frig vs frig combat, nor do I use any expensive implants or links. Not because I think there’s anything wrong in using them, but because I know that just as I avoided fighting with certain pilots due to them being linked for instance, other pilots might avoid fighting me if they knew I was using similar enhancements. So to summon it all up, I wont use anything that has the potential to decrease the number of fights I can get. It is for the same reason I always honored 1v1’s when I still did them, and it’s one of the main reasons I don’t like being part of a blob.

One downside with beating the odds at times is that you’ll be accused of using all kinds of enhancements. But the fact that you know yourself that you didn’t, that you managed to take down a really good pilot with expensive implants in a shiny ship while you sit in a cockpit held together by bubble gum and duct tape alone, is all worth it as you loot that burning wreck and head on back to the trailer park you call home.

  1. There’s one guy I regularly shoot who calls me a noob in local every time I explode his ship, the internet is a funny place:)

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