A Good Day in Avenod

Posted: October 5, 2013 in Uncategorized


Avenod is a place I tend to avoid due to the heavy precense of Shadow Cartel in the system. It is not uncommon to see Lokis and Tengus on scan as one enters, and it goes without saying that that’s not a good sign for the lone solo pilot looking for good fights. Usually I just pass through the system, not even bothering looking for targets.  But this day the other systems in Metropolis had very little to offer in terms of fights so I decided to try my luck.

The scan showed a deserted system as I opened up a couple of plexes close to the sun and waited outside one of them. It did however not take long for a Condor to show up on scan and I aligned out to the other plex, creating some distance to the acceleration gate in hope that he would give me a clue of how he was fitted as he landed. He soon showed up on short scan and shortly after he landed he started burning towards me. It turned out he was fitted with a MWD  and light missile launchers so I warped off to the nearby plex and waited for the Condor to come after me to see at what distance he warped in at. He landed 30 k off me so I quickly activated the gate and went inside the plex. I didn’t expect him to come after me, but I stayed close to the beacon just in case. The primary plan was to warp back to the original plex at 30 k in  the hopes that he would land right on top of me as he followed, where my brawler fitted Rifter would be able to grind him down fast.

To my surprise he did however enter the plex. I hit approach with my overheated afterburner activated and slammed a lock on him as fast as I could. He managed to pull range quickly and was close to 10 k away from me before the overheated scram worked its magic and his ship was destroyed in short order.

I looted the wreck and headed out to the plex after repping up. An Incursus showed up on scan that turned out to be Garviel Tarrant. I saw that he was fitted with rails and knew that I would have a good chance against him in the brawler fit so warped off to another acceleration gate with the intention of catching him outside the plex. He landed close to 0 and I quickly got a lock and a tight orbit. The fight was going well and after three cycles of the SAAR had finished I had managed to get a tight enough orbit to turn it off since the incoming damage at that point was low. That’s when the Eve client froze. I could do nothing but wait. It took maybe 20-30 seconds before it unfroze and my pod was then scrammed while Garviel seemed to be counting down the seconds to my inevitable death. Good fights were exchanged and with my ship and pod destroyed I decided to call it a night.

The next morning I decided to head out to Avenod again to try to return Shadow Cartel’s favour back in kind. Not long after entering system I was being chased by a Kestrel. With everything overheated I managed to take it down and the shiny pod as well. The score had been settled and I decided to spend the rest of the morning in system. It turned out to be a good one with a win against both a Merlin and a Slicer.

  1. Urkhan Law says:

    Great kills Crake, about the frozen screen, I don’t know if you’re overclocking or not, I had to disable completely my overclocking since the last patch (had frozen screen, even 2 BSODs), didn’t had more problems since then.
    EvE client is quite sensible – or I’m starting to have cpu/mem problems. :-/

    • Nice KM’s there, Crake. You know Tomba gets accused of using links / drugs / pirate implants as well, right? Like you, the fella never used them. I guess it comes with the turf when you start killing ships / fits which should be statistically improbable (not impossible) to kill. 🙂

      Either way, keep murdering, mate!

    • Haven’t enabled over clocking so that’s not the problem. I’m suspecting my some times unstable internets :/

  2. Sard Caid says:

    Stopping by to say this is a great blag, and hope you keep up the content!

  3. lhorenzo says:

    Good stuff from my favorite Rifter guru………..

  4. lhorenzo says:

    Great content CG!!

  5. Thanks guys! Nice to see you back in the saddle Sard. Except when you kick my ass 😉 Looking forward to more good fights in the near future mate.

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