The Dangers of Pre-Caffeine Engagements

Posted: March 28, 2013 in Uncategorized

Woke up and had some breakfast before heading out on a roam from Adirain to the Bleak Lands. Came in to Angatalie and quickly found a dessie on scan. Quickly checked Eve-Kill and saw that he used tech one missiles so figured I could keep up my speed and tank the damage. Overheated and hit warp. Landed 10 k off him, scrammed and burned towards him to get an orbit at around 5-6000.

I knew he would be shield fit and didn’t seem to plug the EM hole so had loaded the autcannons with EMP, but it took forever to take down the damn shields. I figured he must have plugged that EM hole pretty good after all so switched to plasma. Still doing minimal damage. I figured it must be those damn 125 mm autocannons. They sucked and I swore a silent oath to never use them again. It actually took so long to take him down that the guy in the dessie started complaining.


Channel ID:      -42860174
Channel Name:    Private Chat (Iral Amatin)
Listener:        Crake Gaterau
Session started: 2013.03.28 10:35:48

2013.03.28 10:35:56 Iral Amatin > im getting board :/
2013.03.28 10:35:57 Crake Gaterau > Good morning o/
2013.03.28 10:36:10 Crake Gaterau > Not long now Wink

This was embarrassing. Finally he went down and gf’s were exchanged. After the chat I checked the combat log to figure out what kind of voodoo empowered shield fit he had used. It turned out there was nothing special with his fit. It had more to do with his oversized dessie:

Click to view MEGA DESSIE

Moral of the story: Coffee and activation of cerebral cortex is top priority before engaging anything.

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