Battle Heron

Posted: March 4, 2013 in Uncategorized

Scan, scan, scan, scan, HERON! Easy as pie! Warp, warp, warp, IN WARP! Heat mods, steady hand, INBOUND! Lock, scram, web, autocannons, CHAAARGE!

Tracking disruptors!? Lazors!? Hobgoblin II’s!? MISSILES!? WTF did you do to your boat!? What the fuck do I do???

Use keep range to lower transversal for my guns! And his lazors!? NO!!! MISSILES!!! Need speed! I’m on FIRE!!! In structure!!! BA-LAP!

Warping pod to safe.

Outside Crake: Good fight mate.

Possible and highly evil Battul Heron fit.

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