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Woke up and had some breakfast before heading out on a roam from Adirain to the Bleak Lands. Came in to Angatalie and quickly found a dessie on scan. Quickly checked Eve-Kill and saw that he used tech one missiles so figured I could keep up my speed and tank the damage. Overheated and hit warp. Landed 10 k off him, scrammed and burned towards him to get an orbit at around 5-6000.

I knew he would be shield fit and didn’t seem to plug the EM hole so had loaded the autcannons with EMP, but it took forever to take down the damn shields. I figured he must have plugged that EM hole pretty good after all so switched to plasma. Still doing minimal damage. I figured it must be those damn 125 mm autocannons. They sucked and I swore a silent oath to never use them again. It actually took so long to take him down that the guy in the dessie started complaining.


Channel ID:      -42860174
Channel Name:    Private Chat (Iral Amatin)
Listener:        Crake Gaterau
Session started: 2013.03.28 10:35:48

2013.03.28 10:35:56 Iral Amatin > im getting board :/
2013.03.28 10:35:57 Crake Gaterau > Good morning o/
2013.03.28 10:36:10 Crake Gaterau > Not long now Wink

This was embarrassing. Finally he went down and gf’s were exchanged. After the chat I checked the combat log to figure out what kind of voodoo empowered shield fit he had used. It turned out there was nothing special with his fit. It had more to do with his oversized dessie:

Click to view MEGA DESSIE

Moral of the story: Coffee and activation of cerebral cortex is top priority before engaging anything.


Challenge Accepted

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Enter Palmon. The quiet of space enveloped Hurricane’s Demise and its crew as it slid into the dark. Morning coffee was brewing and the sound of the percolator made Captain Crake feel at ease. It was a good morning, he thought as he leaned back and closed his eyes, enjoying the familiar sounds that echoed off the inside of the hull. The crew was bustling about, preparing breakfast before another day at their battle stations. These moments had to be cherished, if one were to remain sane in the madness that was lowsec piracy. Then a crackling noise followed by a shrill voice over local comms…

2013.03.27 07:57:25 ThorGocklin Gocklins > yo crake
2013.03.27 07:57:42 ThorGocklin Gocklins > yr a fuckin noob
2013.03.27 07:57:49 ThorGocklin Gocklins > lololol

“Man the battle stations!”

This is by far one of the most fun fights I’ve had, even if the opposition wasn’t the best. There were three people in local and all young pilots, so even if the taunting seemed like a set-up for a trap, I figured I might have a shot at taking them down. I found an unnamed Velator at a station and warped there. It was about 40 k off the station so I fired up the afterburner and headed towards it. The ship turned out to be pilotless and seconds after I reached it the guy who taunted me in comms undocked in a Dragoon with two friends in an Atron and yet another Dragoon.

I loaded Barrage in preparation for a bad imitation of some fancy manual piloting á la Ava Starfire. I activated the tactical overlay and heated everything except the afterburner on the Super Rifter and headed for the trio. The plan was to try to split the Atron from the group first and burn it down. It was also important that I got every single ship to aggro me first since they were non-flashy and we would be fighting at a station. It seemed a difficult task.

After a bit of taunting they started burning for me and I made a quick u-turn and started pulling range. The Atron was the first to come within scram range and I started pounding him with barrage and soon he was down to structure. He then started burning back towards the station and the two destroyers. I looked up on my overview and saw that one of the dessies was almost 40 k away and the other about 15 k. I quickly decided to follow the Atron and overheated the afterburner and not long after the Atron exploded even though the tracking disrupter meant it took a bit longer than expected.

At this point I was struggling to not hit structure but the added bonus of having cap boosters meant I could keep the overheated repper working overtime. As the Atron went down so did the DPS and I started focusing my fire on the Dragoon closest to me. He still seemed keen on chasing me so I managed to pull him further from his remaining brother in arms and managed to take out both him and his pod

As the destroyer exploded the last enemy was within scram range, probably burning towards me to save his friend. Scrammed and neuted, he went down fairly quickly. Even though he had lazors. AND rail guns. AND missiles. I managed to scram his pod before he managed to warp off. It turned out it was the same pilot that had been taunting in local.  I invited him to my ransom chat channel ==Cake or Death== but he refused the invitation. Took out his pod for good measure and exchanged “gf” with the only pilot of the gang left in system.

I could have done a lot of things better during this fight. But in the end I was happy with that I had managed to fly manually during most of the fight, that the tactical overlay had proven to be extremely helpful when orienting in 3D space and that I had managed to fly the Super Rifter with all its complexities and not failing completely.

I still need more experience in filtering and handling all of the information on the screen. I tend to focus a lot on managing my modules when I could keep track of other things. But I think that is one of those things you have to learn by doing, and doing a lot of.

Battle Heron

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Scan, scan, scan, scan, HERON! Easy as pie! Warp, warp, warp, IN WARP! Heat mods, steady hand, INBOUND! Lock, scram, web, autocannons, CHAAARGE!

Tracking disruptors!? Lazors!? Hobgoblin II’s!? MISSILES!? WTF did you do to your boat!? What the fuck do I do???

Use keep range to lower transversal for my guns! And his lazors!? NO!!! MISSILES!!! Need speed! I’m on FIRE!!! In structure!!! BA-LAP!

Warping pod to safe.

Outside Crake: Good fight mate.

Possible and highly evil Battul Heron fit.