Hurricane’s Demise

Posted: January 21, 2013 in Uncategorized

After a quite uneventful day, roaming back and forth between Lulm in the Bleak Lands and Adirain with only one kill to show for, I decided to take a trip down to Heild before hitting the bunk. I entered Mateber and hit d-scan but didn’t find anything of interest near the gate, so I warped off to a safe near the core. On my way there I got a Hurricane on scan that hadn’t been named and quickly checked the age of the pilot. The date read 2013/01/02.

I quickly found him at a customs office and as I warped there I quickly asked in chat what distance i should be fighting at. I had never prepared to fight a battlecruiser! All my time had been spent reading about other frigates and some of the destroyers. Angron told me to keep a tight orbit and so I overheated everything and pre-fired my mods just before I landed. 2 k off my mark and I let loose the afterburner and headed straight for the beast of a ship. He started firing but I was already too close and started pounding him with phased plasma (when in doubt…).
hurricaneAs his shields slowly came down, he unleashed a swarm of drones. They were only Hobgoblin I’s, but the effect was still pretty frightening since they were so many and I didn’t know what kind of damage they would inflict. My shields were gone and the drones started chewing through my armor. I activated the overheated repper to tank the incoming damage. I started taking them out one by one with the web and auto cannons (thanks Patrick Kasper). As the incoming damage decreased i noticed that my guns were close to burning out and turned OH down to 0 and crossed my fingers. The cooling system activated and the autocannons seemed to be ok.

Once the drones were down I started working on his armour. It seemed to take forever and I kept spamming the scanner with short range, fairly certain his buddies would show up any minute. Too many days in the Bleak Lands with daily ganks had made an impression.
But no one came. He activated his double mid nos while I had my own running but it didn’t do much to my cap. I had been warned before about neuts but luckily this pilot had none, so I could happily keep smashing the hot plasma into his hull without a worry in the world. And then he popped. Podded him for good measure and looted the ship and scooped up the corpse.

A stroke of luck had given me a young pilot in a badly fitted battlecruiser. Still, it was one of the most exciting fights I’ve had.

Noob out.


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