Enter the Dragon

Posted: January 7, 2013 in Uncategorized

About one and a half month ago, I entered the world of New Eden for the first time. My clone was awoken in Gallente space into a world that at first was highly confusing to say the least. New Eden is huge. I spent my first days reading up on the different professions and also went through most of the tutorials. Some time during those first days of innocence while working my way through the different tutorials and missions, I stumbled over the tales of Miura Bull and a post about Eve pvp and piracy. I knew from that moment that this was what I wanted to do.
Not long after I fitted up my first Rifter and headed out to find my first victim. Somehow I managed to use the d-scan to find a Retriever in a nearby asteroid field and fired up the afterburner. Hands shaking I managed to lock the Retriever and the sound of my autocannons reassured me that victory was close and certain. And then. The sound of an explosion. Through the window of the shaking pod I could see what was left of my first Rifter pass by, now a smouldering wreck of twisted metal. I warped away and hid in a very unsafe spot for a while before I returned to the university to calm my nerves. Pouring myself a glass of whiskey I tried to figure out what the hell had happened.
This is what had happened. I had attacked a miner in highsec and had been taught a hard and swift lesson by the law of New Eden. No doubt the first of many hard lessons to come. Although my first attempt at piracy had been an utter failure, I new this was what I wanted to do. The rush of adrenalin as I had fired up the afterburner and thrown myself with guns blazing into the heat of battle was intense. I wanted more.
The studies at Caille Uni were finished and I started doing missions for agents in low security space around Trossere to save up for more Rifters. I focused mostly on jobs in the security sector to hone some of the basic skills of combat. It didn’t take long before I found the Black Dragon Fighting Society and sent in an application.

Some of the members suggested I make the trip down to Heild to get my ass whooped prove myself in solo battle. The trip to Heild was 19 jumps away, further than I had traveled before and I could only hope to make it there with my new Rifter in one piece. Finally there I got my new Rifter blown up in a couple of minutes after entering system. I had found my new home and a place in the Black Dragon Fighting Society.

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