And They Will Know Us by the Trail of Twisted Metal…

Posted: January 7, 2013 in Uncategorized

I joined BDFS with starry eyes and dreams of becoming a feared pirate and pvp’er. After losing over 20 Rifters without ever winning a single solo fight, moral started dropping though and I wondered if I would ever get that first elusive solo kill. Then it finally happened. I think it was close to Heild. I found a Catalyst in an asteroid belt and decided to just head in close with guns blazing and hoping for the best. I warped to zero, and landed right on top of the destroyer and started pounding away. I was chewing threw his shields and armour, and soon enough his structure started taking some serious damage. All of a sudden I saw his pod warp off to some distant celestial and the fight had come to an end. I had done it! I had destroyed something!
Congratulations were given in chat and someone asked me for the killmail. I was more than happy to oblige and opened up my combat log. Nothing. I looked again. Not a single kill. Someone in chat said that it might take a few minutes some times. I waited and looked through the combat log around ten more times. Still nothing. Miura asked me if I had seen the ship explode, but i had been too high on adrenalin to remember any details from the fight.
Later that night I pieced it all together. I took a stroll through the ship hangar and had a look at the Rifter I had flown when facing the destroyer. I noticed that the afterburner had burnt out. And one of the auto cannons. And…the scram.
What had probably happened was that the pilot of the destroyer had aligned to a celestial once (s)he had understood that the end was nigh. Just before exploding, my scram must have burnt out and the ship warped off to safety. What I thought was the pod warping off was the actual ship. My first kill was no kill at all.

Shortly thereafter I got my kill though. Not the most amazing kill, but the feeling was intense. I had finally blown something up!

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